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3 the ravens take down the browns.the plays that had fans on edge right to the very end..-& 3& and... the medical excuse your kids might be ablee &pto use... to ggt out of math class. 3 3 3 3 monday, november 5th. 3 3 3 3 3 3 police are stepping up patrols in ells poinn this mooning... after a woman was attacked and - sexxally aasaulted in the ssreet. street.megan gilliland is live &pin fells point residents nd - visitoos there. 3 -3 3 visiiors therr.residents and with a warning o live in fells point with a warning to & resiients and visitors there. good morning guysaround this time of orning... you see a lot of people out here jogging... and walking their dogs.on friday... sometime &pbetween 5 am and 7 am... a 20- year ll wommn was out for a run... when she was attacked - by a maskeddman right in the strret. street.police say he was armed with knife and pulled her into a dark area of fells point where he sexually assaulted her.the exact location of tte attack is unclear right now. of the attacker... police are 3 to be on the lookout
the 15 yard line. justin brown. now he's running with confidence of his own outside the pocket. >> joel: that's exactly what he needed. for a quarterback as experienced as landry jones, it just takes one. all of a sudden, the juices start flowing and now 487 yards on the night, four touchdowns. guy's had a lot of success in an oklahoma uniform, now finding himself down on the road late in november. still bcs aspirations for this team. >> craig: west virginia trying to become bowl-eligible. jones throws it out to the flat and stumbling after the catch is williams. jared barber bringing pressure. able to sling-shot it out. >> joel: it's imperative the best red zone team in the conference gets into the end zone. >> craig: 1200 yards of offense. five minutes and the clock runs on here in morgantown. second down, 8. for a moment, williams looked like he had room to run but darwin put his hat right on his number. >> joel: geno wants that ball back. terrence garvin trying to get it back for him. huge third down. on third down, kenny stills is the go-to target. 74% of his catches this year have
everyone can enjoy. america runs on dunkin'! 3 the cleveland browns are part of the reason whyywe have a team...but don't telllthem that.the babe ruth museum s &ptelling us all about the hhstory of the baltimore foundatiin joins us for this morninns hooetown hotspot.- history of the ravens.- ell us abouu the cleveland browns/ravens rivalry..ivalry. browns/ravens cceveland broons/ravens rivalry.-do youu have any of the originaa &pravens uniforms? pniforms? hissory of the ravens is taking place at the bbbe ruth museumm. yu ccn visit tte museum from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. everrday. fox baltiiore dot com slash morning. 3 3 3 3 3 it's our fox455"thanks giveaaay" piveaway!"we're giving away 100 dollar visa giftcardd every hoor, everyday on fox45 thanksgiving.through hanksgivi. 3 you have 15 minutessto call us at 410-481--545 to claim your priz! prize!wann to get your ameein the box?go to aceeook dot com slash foxbaltimmre and clickk on cootests" to fill out thee form and read the fficial rules. &pcominn up... prrss gaining aalot of attennion online.but it's not beca
,3 3 game nats nats the ravens ttke ddww the browns.the plays that had fans on edggerighh to the very end. and... a woman ssed for having an ugly baby.why the jjdge 3uled against her. - 3 ponday november 55h &pit's ourrfox45 "thhnks giieaw" giveaway!"we're giving way 100 dollar visa giffcards morning news through thanksgivi. thaaksgiving. 3 you have 15 minutes to call uss at 410--81-4545 to claim your p! the box?gg to facebook dot com slaah foxbaltimore and ccick rules. 3 shawan map 3 police rr stepping up patrols in fells point this morning... after a woman was attacked and street.megan gilliland s live - in ells point witt a warning to reeiients and visitors theee. good morning guys,around thhs time of morning... you see a lot of people out here jogging... and walking their dogs.on friday... sometime between 5 am and 7 am... a 22- year old woman was out for a run... when she was attacked bb a masked man right innthe st. street.police say hh was armed a dark area of fells point nto where he sexually assaulted her.the exact location of thh and with no ccear desc
browns team that has won ttrre of its last four.and it just happens ballimore has a two very impressive streaks going director bruce cunninghaa joins us now to breakkdown today's game.bruce. were loooing to bounce back - today againsttthh cllveland browns...and hht's exactly ehat wwsnnt eeaatly what you'd calllan artistii successs but hey don't give style points n the's all ttat mattered: when the game ended, the ravens had more poinnsd, and 6-2.... the ravens started yarr run intothe end zone...the fiist of hiss career..and the ravens led stalled for a wwile afttr that, and he browns got back in the game..this philldawson field goal, his fifth of tte ggme, gavv the browns a onn &ppoint lladdin thefourth quarter.....but joeeffacco brought tte avens back a 19 smith for the go headd &ptouchhown..they added a ttcker fieed goal and took aahard fought 5-15 victory.... 3 we'll have much we'll haae much more oo the ravens' big win coming up on ouu xpandedsunday nnght eddtiopn of sports unlimited right after ttis newscast. with the presidency at stake... both p
of mmssachusetts. he ravens are back in the win column!! ... but barely beatiig the browns is not the comeback moss fans were lookinggfor. let's go to plevelann browns stadium, where it looked like this pirst.the ravees start first. pierce with is fiist - d run ...a 12 yard run the ravens lead 14-0...but the offense then goes into hibernation, ggme..this phil daason field goall his fifth of tte game, gives the brownn a one point lead in the ffuuth uarter... but joe flacco brings the ravens back! a 19 yard they add a jjstin tucker fieed goal and ake a hard fought hold a one game lead over the steellrssin the a-f-c north. p the ravens might be 6-2 and still in first place... but theeway they did it has many jjel d. smith s live in towson to et the puuss of thh fans... and that pulse ate was geeting pretty high there in the fourth quarttr joel d. 3 hey guys... this is the official way that head oachh john harbauuh says the team playee.... eh eh.... moot would agree... why.... 3 (first td) ray rice... browns field goal6 straight 3 and outs... torrey smith... little bit of ev
into hibernation, 6 straight "3 and outs" lets the browns back n the game..this fifth of the game, gives the quarter...but joe flacco brings the ravens back! a 19 yard catch nd run by &ptorrey smith for the go head touchdown..they add a justin tucker field goal and take a harr fought 25-15 victory. &p3 3 3 3 the ravens now hold a one game the ravens now the raaens now hold a one game lead over the 3 steelers in the a-f-c north. and it sounds nice to say the raaens are in first place... but is that all that reelly mat? matters? joel d. smith is live in towson to seeeif fans can accept that "this is the way the team plays"..... good morning joelld. (ad lib) when can we dominate a team? team? dommnateea team? team? when can we (aa lib) when can we dommnate aateam? team? p it looked that way at first... ray rice... anything but fancy!!! ray rrce we've never ray rice we've never bben fancy, we've never been a prrtty kind of team. we always ffnd ourselvessat the top at the end./ 4900 joe: deal wiih it. it's how well frussration, go backkout there and picc yourself up? up? t
is baak with his arr- mother, deniesha brown. brown sayssshe had dropped grandfather's home. he says he was tired from work that day and fell sleep. palked out of an unlocked door. door. (brrwn/mother) "i was scared, i waa hysterical. i grabbed mm chest, i wws panickiig, coulln't breathe, i was crying." crying.."(mr. &horton/grandfath must have went out the back door in the alley, at the cooner. caase i woke up. i wws mad, you know, where's mm grandson, i'm going crray, you pnow.. &p a spokesman foo the serrices says they are social investigating. but again, for now, jayden is uuharmee and with his motherr live in northeast altiiore, keith daniees, fox 45 news,,late edition. an unuuual story out of howard rappers...turned into two robbers...when they held up a recording tudio in laurel. happened arry recording studio.the eneral manager says two men, after recording a song, held thhm up. they got away withhmoney and valuables...but left behhnd if yyu have any information ce 3 ccll laurel police. 3&mothhr nature may lend a to reepar a broken ater maan pownt
-blake...and lieutentant governor anthonyy innthe armyreservees (brown) "bbcause of your service, oor nation remmins theegreatest nation n worrd, and we owe each and everyyne of ou aadebt of gratitude for " that."ll. governoo brown served a tour of dutyin iraq several years aao. 3 a hollywood power couple's bigg break p...who pulled the plug on the relationshii... rising taxes anddmassive cuts... what it akks to avoii 33 when we switched to fios, we got better tv, better phone, better internet. it was like somebody like took our computer, shook all the junk out of it. we're actually getting more for our money with fios. [ male announcer ] why settle for second best? visit now and see if you qualify for a $5 amazon gift card. there's no purchase necessary. there's at least three computers. [ girl 1 ] a tablet. [ woman 1 ] couple of gaming systems. we could all be running at the same time. we do not notice any dips. [ male announcer ] don't wait. visit us online right now to see if you qualify for a $5 amazon gift card. and while you're there, see how you can upgrade to 100% fi
of black students. the county did not integrrte its schools until a decade after the supreme court's "brown versus the board of education" howwrd county has one of he highest-performing school systems in the country. we... got... an... overwhelming response... from concerned parents,.../ after... our story... on... crossing guards... last today, ... more ing - thhn... 60... baltimore intersections ... will... ánoá... longer... have... crossing guards../. janice park ... ... streaming live... in east baltimore,.../ on why thee..// ... list... jeff,we are live here aatne.. supposed to be one of 66 longer have a crossing guard... decision today it still has a crossing guard...but there's still 65 inttrsections that don't. crossing guards here in east baltimore tells us about &pseveral close calls they've had over the years...savingg children from speeding cars. but the city...did a survey recently and found at some interssctions..only one or two children were croosing.the result? as of today...outtof 466 itt intersectio
lost ccming off a bye week...and two, ttey have never lost to the cleveland browns..not eeen once...any kind of win streak is impressive in the nfl, andthe to claim one.hey are fortunate 3&pweell announce ghon sports uulimited... p&--toss to vytas-- vytas-- 3 3 3 the llng 3&ppresidential caapaign is jus 33domuch for one rr-o abigael evansswas llstening tt pooitics on n-p-r with her mom whee she started crying.. just because i'm tiied off crring? it will be over soon, abby.the election ill be over soon..k. apollgy tttled dearrlittle girl, sorry we made you cry abbutt'brrnco bamma and mitt romney'. 3 that's all for fox45 news t 5:30.3&"family feud""is next. next.and we'll bb back tht ladi 1 -- 11...thh llte edition at news fox45 i've always been lucky. flew 37 bombing ssions over germany. made it home every time. d e lu ha ndamed ben. i'luckto have gori o all ill ou ben's protected our medicare and veterans' benefits. and he's helping my 13 grandchildren afford colle. he's my friend, ben.i hyo to approve this message. joeyatone: this is joey fatone. it's time to play "family fe
a missing man. mmn.65 year old ronald brown was last seen on thursday on sufffrs from dementia... and pounds.he left hisshome priving a blue 2012 hyundai sonata with a marylann tag 4-a-k-2-5-5-0...and as last seee wearing a yellow jackkt, &pgreee shirt and black paats.i &p9-1-1. 3 america's argest transit system has resumed partial serviie in the aftermath of sandy.storm sandy. p new york city's subway system resumed partial service althoogh not yet fully -re - operaaiooal.however, driverr trying to get in and out of the city are still encountering troubleespots. highways and ridges congested and traffic was at a standstill innsome places. ".... i've been driving from 21st ssreet all the way here and the traffic is not moving.." moving...."another step to ggt the city back on ttack is restoringgelectricity.uuility officials hope to fixx te powee outages throughout some chilling new photos eeerge out of new jersey... of the devaatation causeddby sandy.offall the daaagee w've theseeimages are among thhse phattstand out the most for so many americans.take a look t seaside heights ef
at a ceremonn today... honnring veterans in baltimore.lieutenant goverror anthony brown and mayor stephanie rawlings-blake are amoog those scheduled to attenddthe ceremony will be hell in the war memorial plazaa at 9 a-m... following the annual veterans march. 3 the ravens improve to 7-and- performance over the oakland a. raiders.the ravens led 27-10 the third quarter beean, they widened that lead... as joe flacco hit torrey smith witt a 47 yard scoring pass... raaenn worse or the raaders from there.4th quarter....keep your eye on returner jacooy jooes. he finds room and goes 105 &yar the ravens set team record for oints onntheir ay tooa convincing 55-20 victory. 3 thh ravens are 3 3 the ravens are now preparing to head to pittsburgh or a rpime-time mmtch up against 3&&pcoming up on the &pearly edition... know the fac and fiction... surrounding the . flu.the quick quiz to ttst your smarts. ,3 ((break 1)) 3 3 3 ((traffic reporter ad libs)) 3 sttll to come... giving paaents a jump start... on theer black friday shopping. shopping.the earlyyopeningg &ptoys-r-us has planned. pruusing up.
???these teams will look drasticially to or jimmy smith for baltimore. no antonio brown... troy palomalu... or bbn roethlisberger for piitsburgh.. yes, their q-b officiallyy ruled out on the steelers injury report.but the ravens don't believe injuries can sideliie big ben. "i don't believe you. i don'tt to me until proven innocent. r my thhory is ore like guilty until proven nnocent." the full injury report....and title game preview.that's a-a - coming up in sportt unlimited. how are the roads looking tonig? tonight?brandi proctor has our traffic edge reportt report. mapgreenspringlibertyshawanmap 395map the former head of the cci-a fields questions from congress.... 3 what... he knew about the attack... on.... the u-s consulate... in benghazi. 3 subway stations under water.... the shhckkng new footage from hurricane sandy..... and the end of twiikies and wonder bread... a rastic move by hostess... hat could cost 18-thouuand workers their 3 --adblib weather tz-- hey, look! a shooting star! make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever. i wish this test drive was over,
browns to your breakfast combo for just 99 cents. new thii morning... conflict intensifies in israel and gaza... leaving behiid death and destruction.massive airstrikes on gaaa were reported early this morning. israel sayy morr than 400 rockets wwre fired since wednesday, and it's being forced to prrtect its citizens with weappns of iis own. both israeli and palestinian officials are reporting deaths -- including children. authorities are continuing too investigate some bizarre pootage... just recently captured in coloradooit shows an unidentified object... flying in the skies over deever.a local resident shoo thhs video from a hilltop the fast-movinggobjects appear times a eek. a local news - cameraman set up in the same spot... aad goo similar video. experts say... it's hard to pinpoint what it could be..te f-a-a and norad both say they know of no aarcraft in the area at the time the videoo were shot. he's the man a the center of news reports and headlines, the formee cia ireetor embroiled in scandal afterr admitting to an extramarital affair..this morning david petraeus will b
town...a full day of -& pmerged from their bye weekand are well into theiir brown whom thy'll face sunna. evnengll &spectacular return f ssggs...just five months affer back mmn the ffeld against &phouston..and what a return...he playee 44 offthe 80 snaps, d had a sack, a quarterba hit and a batted ps..the wholehingwas trph..onpoveteaner al dayor t ravens..suugs says surprised.. 3 &p morgan adsit spent the day in owings mills..her reeort coming up at 11:30 as sportss unmited continues. artcr.....and 30 actors....hh amount of money impressive haunted houue p..and cominn up in just 5 minutes n the late edition... edition... a halloween surprise...what went wronggwith acienne a somveryad jugment. the mistake that cost druu smugglers their getaway vehicle. sthanie rawlings-blake: voting for question seven is an... incredle opportunity for baltimore. jim smith: question seven will bring table games like... blackjack and poker to baltimore. stephanie rawlin-blakeyou're talking about 50new jobs. ken man: ireasou lln besr la s besse jim smith: and instead of marylanders spending... five
aasixth casino supporters say ttat will .. state....and keepgamblers from going to west virginna. (brown) "we need those dollars anyway for gaming, we need - oor schools, our law d to fund nforcement, our firefighters." &pfirefighters."" state commission will still have to consider bids for the new casino in p.g.and it's not schedulee to open...until 20-16. the outcome of the state's one and only senate ace was polls closed. closed.incumbent senator ben cardin celebraaed a win last nnght at the oficial democratic watch arty at m& t bank stadium.exit polling showed ardii inning nearly 3 to 1 over both challengers... republicaa dan bongino... and independent rob sobhani.we caught up with carrin last night... and asked him priirittessmoving forward. "iq: prioritiissclearly to move ffrward and deal with the fiscal issues.. compromise for the good of our coontry." country." this win marks a second term in the senate for a member of the senate finance aad budget committees, he'll playykey a role in the crisis. it's no surprise maryland obama last night in his bid for re-electio
worlddwar two veterrn waldon brown met with the students. he says he was not drafted into the war... bbt volunneered tt ssrve. pavy seall... under ffre....ovvr a video game... game... the top secrrt information they leaked.... and the punissment that could end their careers. "ss he comes, and you can see him, puts his gun literally right here." 3 a volunteee firefighter held at ggnpoint n hissway to a call.... ow he ended uppwwth aa officer's gunnin his face. a multi illion dollar &pheist.... right outtof hollywood. hhw these thieeess drove right out the front door. 3 &p&p--adblibbweather tz-- oh! green mountain coffee! how do you always have my favorite coffee? well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee and even hot cocoa, and you'll always find your favorite. with so many choices, keurig has everyone's favorite. and i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig. seven... navy by the military... for... leaking secrees... to a video game company. commany.members... - ncluding... -
the browns' young offense, who coold onny come up with five field goals...but 3 ravvns finished ssrong with ten points in the quarter..and lead ii the afc north...the ravens knnw they need that cussion... 3- 3 pore rommharbaugh...and yet another acl down ii college parr..that's coming ppa little later in spprtss 3 a... little... -3presidential... preeicting... thanks... to football...//.the... carolina pannhers... beat the redskins... in washington... which... pshouldá... mean... mitt romney... pins... on election day 3 hhw... do we figure?it's... the "redskins rule"...//.if... &p the redskinn win... their last... home game .. before the presidentiaa election... / tte ... incumbent party etainn the white house...//...if... they looe... the incumbent party... s.... voted out....//the... ule... traces back to p940.../// and... & hassbeen right 17 of 18 imes. 3 new tonight aa 5:30...a huge - surprise f
pumped millions of dollars into the senate race. scott brown, the incumbent, the republican who won with his truck for last time around. elizabeth warren has come in with a lot of money and some enthusiasm, may be riding the coattails of a democratic presidential candidate who has won in the state of massachusetts tonight. elizabeth warren leading, but with only 5% of precincts reporting, it is to close to call. joining us from chicago, president obama's senior campaign adviser, robert gibbs. nice to see you. i am looking at florida. in the early voting, your winning by 4%, were last time, you were trailing by 6. the state of virginia is still a struggle. ohio still in play. how are you feeling in chicago? >> we feel great so far. i will say this about florida -- we did great in early voting. understand we had a lot fewer days of early voting this time. folks that might have been able to go to the polls and too early voting will end up being the ones that are standing in line right now. i want to say this -- let the record clearly reflect that liz cheney agree on this -- stay in lin
ierce has been played in ll 8 games, but - only has around 30 carriis... against the browns, he got in tte end zone..his first touchdownas aapro...aad the wayyjohh harbaugh sounds, yoo'll bb seeing more f him... 3 for two years before the ravens got here, the baltimore stallions were apowerhouse in and the man who led them is ailing tonight...head coach has cancerrof the lymph nodes.. in a statement, matthews sayy hell...none of us who kkow him doubts hat for a minutee..a cfl hall of famer, the 73 year old maathews led baltimore to of five he won during hii 35 e- year career in theenfl...he's also a five time cfl coachhof the year winner. mmrr tonight on sports unlimited...sometime during all thh election coverage.... --toss to vytas-- vytas-- 3& 3 3 that's alllfor fox45 news at &p5:30."family eud" is next. nexx.and we'll be back tonighh for fox45 news at ten -- and the late edition at 11... later. yoo laterr announcer: this is joey fatone. it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by
....troy polamalu will miss his 6th straight game with a bad calf... receiver antonio brown also out for the steelers....guys who will likely see the field...running bbck rashard mendenhall wwo hasn't played since october 11th... probable with an achillies injury...and safety ryan clark probable with a concussion. maryland baskettall couldn't to number 3 kentucky by just 3...yes the one and done they've got until the new year to get things right...that's when a-c-c play . beginn.terps hosting l-i-u brooklyn.1st half...terps up 4...charles mitchell block... up and under layuu...maryland by 6....3 minutes later... logan aaron-haul spots up from beyond the arc...knocks down theetrey...terps up 24-15... &pthey led by 9 at the break.... 2nd half...marylann up 13... starts the'shon howard gets it backktt tte big man...len throws it down for 2 of his 18...terps up 15....10 minutes later...seth allen reverse layup...he led the terps with 19 off the bench... maryland cruisss: 91-74... high school game of the week time...brought to you by varsity sports network dot com
for the big picture. 3 here's that stretch run browns, ravenn host the raiders...and then it gets tough.on the road in travellto ssa diego...then come bbck home to play the -&s. maryland baskktball tips off - o's claim a big name at second. that's at 10-50 aad 11-30 on sportssunlimited... 3 3 a bizarre sight in waahington staae.... where salmon are stre. streets.a... river....spilled over after heavy rain in the rea... / aad... fish have veered off the... -3 salmon... have made it difficult for driverr../. but... elijah carrington... ann... his... dog honey... are out aking family. 3 that's all for fox45 news at 5:30."ffmill feud" is next. next.and we'll e back tonight forrfox45 news at tenn-- and the laae editioo at 11... 11...we'll see you later. &plater. joey fatone: this is joey fatone. it's time to play "family feud."
aaainss the browns, ravens host the rriddrs...and then it gets tough.on the road in pittsburgh on sunday night... travel to san ddego...then comm back home to play thh steelerr. for sunday... the ravens ill be dealing with a different browws team from week 4.for one... they have confidence... 2 wins.and on offense... well, they actually havv one.brandon with his targets in the shorter passing ggme..and trent riccardson is running & hhs first 8 n-f-l games... two of those have been over 100 rushing.and carry..aanice starttfor the rookie... who's got a big fan pn baltimore. 3 maryland basketball decided to pt out of the...let's ease to priday they open the seeson in - brooklyn against kentucky.'s a look at the young terps... 11 underclassmen out of the 16 n &pthe roster.exhibition with i-u-p. 1st half...alee len misses the alley-oop...jjmes &ppadgett rebounn...put bbak slam...the terps actually trailed by one at the break.... 22d half...padgett open underneath...hoop anddthee harm...those were his only 4 points of thh game....later in the half...seth allln drives
letttrs form the 1960's... to help pay por her electrii bill.hunt waa song, "brown ssgar"... whhch was one of the rrlling stones' more controoeesial songs.hunt is oping to raise the equivalenttof at least 111-thousaad dollars from the jagger. response yet from mick - commng up... up...ww continue to bring you the latest... aaout a water pain break in mount vernon. vernon.the roads you'll want to avoid... if you're you're atching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((break 5)) they came with bulldozers in the middle of the night... "they refused to show their id's and papers." no one could stop them. "the police just stood there and watched the whole thing." by morning this church was in ruins... "i'll never forget the sound of my church being crushed." the rising threat to religious freedom in russia... "what they did was not right. we didn't even have time to save the bibles." on the "700 club," monday at 10:00 a.m3 meteorologist))((ad lib meteorologist)) it's our fox45 "thanks giveeway" giftcards every 100 dollar visa we're giving away 100 dollar visa giftcards every hhuu, everyday on fox45 mor
to weet virginiaa (brown) "ww need those dollars that are goinn to be ssent anyway or gaming, weenned enforcement, our firefighters."3 firefiihters."a state coomission will still ave to consider bids for thh new scheduueddtooopen...until 20-16. more than 60 percent of maryland voters supported president obama last night. it waa one of the largest voterssalso approved some key referendums.... considered centrrl tt the democratic party politicaa analysts are weighing in... melinda roeder explains why the most liberal state in thh nation. president obama overwhelmingly won maryland... despite the fact that he dii almoot no ccmpaignnng in our sttteemitt romney didn't really bother withhus either.thht's because maryland... is so "blle".... that some say we'reealmost irrelevant in a presidential race. our vote - nowhhre near asscritical as the key swingg aaddpennsylvania.ginia, ohio - 3&&pwhile maayllnd may finndits playing a significant role n shaping tteedemocrat party aggnda....analysts say we run &pthe risk of losing our voice as voters. 3&< "and that's indaaof rememb
peakiig... included... rawlings-blake.../ aad... lieutentant goveenor... anthony brown... &p who... is... also... a... reserves. (brown) "beeause of your service, our nation remains theegreatest naaion in world, pnd we owe ach and veryone of you a debt of gratitude for " that."ll.... governor brownn.. served aa.. touurof duty... in iraq... sevvral years ago. 3 3 3 domino sugar... is... markinn their... 90--h... anniversary. and to cclebrate.... the company wannssto see your best in south baltimore. conic sign there it is lighting up the night sky in locust point. 990-dollars for first place..... for the best piiture of heir sign.thh runnnr up get 5900dollars. and the top 10 entries will receive prize packages of products roo domino's. you can submit photos uutil november 55th. or more inffrmation, go to oor website at fox baltiiore dot com slash news link. 3 if you want a quick, great tasting cup of coffee, atthome... or the officc.... we'll how you the best single serre coofee an illegal drug used to fight thh flu. why doctors say itt bott helpful
at a ceremony today... onoring veterans in altimore. baltimore.lieutenant governor anttony brown and mayor steppanie rawlings-blake are among those scheduled to attend..he cerrmony will be &pheld in the war memorial plaz at 9 a-m... following the &pannual veterans marcc. receives an unussal gift... from a small town in italy. italy."acqua-lagna"... which is known for its truffles... gavv himma white truffle... weighing more than 2-and-aa half pounds. it'' worth presidenn obama isn't the only president to receive a gift like this.back in the truman received a special truffle from the town. if your name is gwen wilson ... yyu have less than 5 minutts left toocall... o cllim youu 100-dollar visa gift card.weell drawwanother name n our "thaansgiveaway" contest... next. and in oor hometown hhtspot... dog and cat themed ádrinks.á phat goes into making "the cat's whiskers"... nd where all the proceeds go... next. yoo're watching fox 45 morning nees.. all local...all morningg 3&((bump out)) ((break 1)) hey! hey, baby. [ starts car ] were you eating smoked sausage in here? no! no. could
. it's deliciously irresistible. hurry in today. hurry in to dunkin' and add oven-toasted hash browns to your breakfast combo for just 99 cents. 3 new this orning... the u-s combat mission in afghanistan is et to end in 20-14... but home.according o defense pecretary leon panetta... the working out the details.a decision should be made in the coming weeks... about how many with security training and to conduut a counterterrorism mission against al qaedd.right now... abbut 67-thousand u-s troops are still in the country. today... houue minority leader, nancy pelosi will make a majjr announcement on her future in congress.she's scheduled a news conference in wwshingtonn.. to discuss whether she intends to stay on as the house democraatc leader. it's a position she first took ttn years ago today. the caliiornia democrat made history as the first wooann speaker of the house... when she was electee to the position in 2007. toyotaais recallinn more thaa today... duueto a steering and water pump problem.the recall &pinnludes the prius hybrid... produced in japan from the year 2000 to 2212
waldon brown met with the tudents. he says he was not drafted into the war... but volunteered to serve..-3 "it is strange, we've never had violence here, never had a " recording studio. why the suspects are really hoping they become famous. washingttn shocker.....general daniel petraeus esigns from the c-i-a after admitting he &pcheated on his wife.. what he had o say about the affair. "it can't go on the wwy it is , it can't be a big pndustty and a federal crime at the same timm." ann the olitics of pot.the new pressure on the federal government to make it legal. out f howard countyypolice &psay twoorappers...turned nto paurel.jjnice park ssreaming li. live...with the kky piece of evidence the robbers left behind. janice? janice?karen,definately a story you don't hear bout pappers spent about 30 minutes - recording a song...before they this recording they left behind...could be he best viidnce to lead tootheir inside copy catz, general manager carlossgarcia recalls today's early morning robbery... that left 6 rappers on the run!....and two - run!around 1
to injuries sunday ray lewis... lardarius webb... oo jimmy smith for antonio brown... troy palomalu... or ben roethlisberger for pittsburgh..yes, their q-b steelers injury report.but the ravens don't believe injuries can ssdeline big ben. "the guy layed down here a couple of years ago with a &pbroken ankle so until the bal picks ff on sunday night and they start calling plays under center i wouldnnt rule him out juss yet."3 the full injury report...high schooo gameeof the week...and terps &pbasketball.that's later in sports unlimited. 3&they're... a... grouu oo baltimore city... peewee football players.../ steering towwrds ...a.. nattonal championshii...//. but... one... slight problem.../ the... field... theyy ractice... on.../ leaves... them... completely in the dar. dark.janice park... ssreaming live... n... east baltimore../ .to ... tell us ...about ssveral... parents.../ who... are.. doing... whatever they can ... to... bring jeff,the team is called the parkkide warriorr...they are really good...buttthis is the to sittout here t
, number 85. ten-yard penalty. still second down. >> gus: it's farrell brown. >> charles: look, texas a&m for alabama will not beeasy, folks, did you see johnny football at quarterback? they're playing better and better, at tcu, at baylor, texas for kansas state. notre dame we thought they would have walk-overs, those teams will rise up and fight, bc and wake forest before they finish here at usc and oregon next week at cal who lost a tough one friday night against washington, and a huge one with stanford and, of course, the civil war at oregon state. a very tough schedule for oregon down the stretch. >> gus: barner running. hayes pullard with the tackle. a huge day for kenjon barner. prior to that, 37 carries, 295 yards. 4 touchdowns. chip kelly and his oregon team, he has now rushed for 300 yards, officially 38 carries, 300 yards, averaging 8 yards per carry, breaking lamichael james' record most rushing yards in a game at the university of oregon. >> charles: you don't want to take a loss here for the record purpose, right? you don't wantto drop down below 300. >> gus: they hand it t
in today. hurry in to dunkin' and add oven-toasted hash browns to your breakfast combo for just 99 cents. revision. "actually, this ain't bad"? surprise! "look at this cool corner thingy!" desolation. "it's gone." anticipation "hey! there's more in the fridge." [ male announcer ] muller. the european for yummy. toddlers and i-pads.why some say they are becoming addictee to the devices. tonight on fox 45 3 3 map liberty ap 3 right now... baltimore police are searching for the gunmen who seriously injured a mother and killed her two sons. sons.police say they broke into a home in est baltimore and opened fire.megan gilliland isslive from shock fighttng for her life.r is - good morning guys,,te mothhr is in critical but stable condition here at this hour... right now... police are not rellasing her identtfy... is ssill under nvestigation. investigation. the search is on for thh suspect who shot her and killed her haapened on west lafayette avenue at whitmore avenue around 9930 last tuesday ight.detecttves say the victims were in the house whee at least three men forced their a
from going to west virggnia. (brown) "we nned ttose dollars that are going to be spent anyway for gaminn, we need themmspenttin maryland to fund our schools, our law enforcement, our firefighterr." & fiiefiggters."a state -3 commission will still have to consider bids for the new casino in p.g.and it's not 20-166 - 3 so... will... the expansion... bring in... more --3 revenue......./ as... a report... shows... earniig are down.... down.... karen parks... / streaming live... at... maryllnd's... newest casino ... in... &panne arrndel county... with the numbers.... maryllnds newest casiio &pbehind me.....maryland live brought in the bulk of this months revenue...buttits not all good news..... 3 he maaylann lottery and announced the state's three casinossgeneraaed about 39 millionn ollars this month....with marylanddlive penerating lose to 31 milllin. 3 pevenues for hollywood casino perryville.....and the casino at ocean downs....decreased by - four
then and we had bad candidates, richard mourdock, and, how did scott brown lose in massachusetts and, lose the north dakota senate seat? because of the tea party, if it wasn't for the energy they brought to the fore, republicans would be in a disaster now. it doesn't mean they have to nominate great people, they are good about that but the tea party, how many times can they be blamed for moderates losing seats in come on. >> chris: thank you panel, see you next week, don't forget to check out panel plus where our group picks up with the discussion on our web site, web and we'll post the video before noon eastern time and follow us on twitter. up next, a follow-up to last week's show. ♪ change engineering in dubai, aluminum production in south africa, and the aerospace industry in the u.s.? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 75% of our mutuands beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and
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